kwebang lampas/puting buhangin @ Pagbilao, Quezon province

Ilucena grand terminalm not good in giving directions so as narrating detailed information pero susubukan kong makapunta kayo dito sa tulong ng mga mababasa nyo 🙂
click the pictures for a larger view.

from Manila find bus station going to LUCENA GRAND TERMINAL (if you are on LRTbuendia/gil puyat) there is a DLTBCo. Bus Station beside the stairs going to train station (LRT). I can’t give information about the fare from Manila to Lucena and the hours of travel since I came from a different direction.

for the benefits of those who are from Sta. Cruz, Laguna take a jeepney from Sta. Cruz plaza going to Pagsanjan (ask the jeepney driver to drop you at the jeepney/baby bus going to Lucena Grand Terminal) travel hours is approximately 15-20minutes,
from Pagsanjan going to Lucena Grand Terminal it took us almost 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Upon arriving at the Grand Terminal barkers/dispatchers will begin to ask where you are heading, but you don’t have to ask them the line on where the Pagbilao jeep is, since a very obvious signboards of jeepneys and vans whereabouts were displayed.
From the Terminal ride a jeepney going to Pagbilao it will take you about 20-25 minutes of travel.

From Pagbilao ask the driver to drop you on where you can ride a jeep going to Ibabang Pulo, and from there you can ask the people around where you can find Ibabang Pulo jeepney Station ( you have to do a few steps from the drop point)
NOTE : nagi-intay na mapuno ang jeep bago umalis, kaya madaming oras ang masasayang kung hindi agad-agad mapupuno. travel hours : 45 mins – 1 hour.

sooooobrang layo nya at first but i when i finally saw the landmark (the power station, 2the tower that looks like a light house in our background) naniwala na ako na nasa tamang landas ang tinatahak namin hahaha!
Some people will take advantage of the first time tourist here so you don’t have to take a tricycle unless otherwise you are on this gate/old checkpoint (fare guide will be stated below.)

3Take a tricycle and ask the driver to take you on Kwebang Lampas, You will pass a private property gate/road (whatever) so you will be able to pay an entrance fee before entering the subdivision (i don’t know what it is)
You can see the tower on the right side view while the mountain that soon to be a gasoline factory was on the left side, the road is under construction at this time so expect the road to be very rough, steep and rocky,travel is about 15-30minutes.

When you finally reach the place, ate Gemma will accommodate and ask you to pay for the boat transfer from there to Kwebang Lampas and for the entrance fee (you can choose to stay overnight or not, you can rent a cottage and a tent) as for us, we prefer to do a picnic style (to lessen the expense and for a much dramatic getaway.)

4    6
After a 3-5minutes boat transfer, a literally breath-taking scenery will be shown, I go over all the pictures from different websites and blogs, watched videos from Youtube but when I finally got to see the place from my own naked eye, the amusement was still there, after the looooong hours and distant travel I can say that it’s all worth it, the blue and calm water, clear sky, perfect rocks and all this serenity takes place.

BUT WAIT! you’re not there yet because you still have to do some trekking hahaha!
7No one will be able to guide you from there, so you have to follow the trails and there are some visible signs with an arrow that will guide you to kwebang lampas (some snapshots were shown.)
NOTE : Be extra careful since the step is very narrow and steep, and make sure you have some extra water to be refreshed and to keep yourself hydrated.

5When you finally reached the place, expect to see a gate in a not-so-good condition since it was only made by rusty galvanized iron sheet (yero ng bubong.) There were also lots of dogs around (though they are harmless.)

Sit, relax and unpack. Enjoy the untouched beauty of Kwebang Lampas/Puting Buhangin at Pagbilao Quezon Province, a BORACAY-ish white, fine sand and blue water experience on a cheaper price 🙂

For those who are not interested on staying overnight (like us) you have to packed-up before 4pm since last trip of jeepneys going back to Pagbilao is 5pm and last trip at Lucena Grand Terminal going to Sta. Cruz is 6pm.


05:00am – 05:20am : Sta.Cruz to Pagsanjan (P11.00)
05:20am – 05:22am : boat transfer/Lumban bridge is under construction (P2.00)
05:40am – 07:30am : Pagsanjan to Lucena Grand Terminal (P60.00)
07:30am – 08:10am : Lucena Grand Terminal to Pagbilao (P11.00)
08:10am – 09:30am : Pagbilao to Ibabang Pulo (P35.00)
09:30am – 10:00am : tricycle from Ibabang Pulo to Accommodation place. Drivers will ask you to pay for P200.00 for a service(one way) it’s up to you if you are that generous to pay for that price, if you are on a group like 4-5 person you would go even on that but for the right price it is only P35.00/person.
Gate Pass : P5.00/person (some drivers take advantage and will ask you to pay for the tricycle fee of P50.00) don’t agree on that you only have to pay for 5php/person riding on the tricycle.
you can ask the driver to pick you up again at before the last trip going back to Pagbilao (we pay P300.00 for a back and forth transfer and an additional tip since he is very kind and honest KUYA ERWIN’s contact number will be posted below.

ENTRANCE and other FEE’s : daypass (P50.00) | overnight (P100.00) | tent good for 2/4 (P200.00/P400.00) | cottage (400)
Boat transfer back and forth : P20.00
Mineral Water : P35/gallon | bottled mineral water is bit expensive so personal water is advised to bring 🙂

*electricity is not available on the area
*you can only grilled on a specific place
*lots of dogs and ducks are scattered

CONTACT PERSON’s : Ate Gemma the caretaker (0947-5911-630)
Kuya Erwin the tricycle driver (0946-8419-456)
you can text them for reservations and other information.

Enjoy and feel the SUMMER 2013! 🙂
Thankyou Ms.Zayza we safely reached the place because of your post 🙂


37 thoughts on “kwebang lampas/puting buhangin @ Pagbilao, Quezon province”

  1. Welcome po sa grande island ibabang pulo,, advice ko po sa mga travellers, pwde po kaung magbangka para d lang sa kwebang lampas mapuntahan nyo,, parang island hopping narn,, kc marami pabg ibang beach dto..

  2. Hi! great details ng itinerary mo. mas naintindihan ko na ngayon kung pano pumunta dun. hehe. dame ko na nabasang threads kaso, nakakalito pa din mga instruction nila. well anyway, mukang masungit at madami nga talagang reklamo dun sa caretaker ah? kase sa ibang blogs, may MGA comments din about sa kanya. hehe.

    planning to visit here soon! goodluck saken. and again, thank you for this!

  3. Ang panget na beach resort dto lahat ng galaw mo my bayad ang tent na rentahan namin kami pa nag tay kami parin magliligpit tapos napakamahal pa ang taray pa nung matanda nag babantay d na kami babalik jan sobra sungit mo manang

  4. sorry i wasn’t able to reply agad-agad
    @Dj Ampo – welcome! hope you enjoy
    @roha – i think wala naman, kasi kung d naman kyo willing to stay overnight pwede kayo magsabi para balikan kayo that time para matransfer

    1. yes, restroom is very much available both for ladies and gents, you can use salt water for flushing, keribels lang din na hindi kayo magbanlaw dahil hindi din kami nagbanlaw hahah! yung salt water na inigib lang nila naka stock dun un ginamit namin para ma wash out ung sand sa katawan (huli na nung nabasa namin un post na may penalty pag ginamit yun pambanlaw) whahah!

  5. hindi ba delikado ung place? especially for those interested to have overnight there? kc as what you stated dba parang forest siya scattered mga dogs and ducks hehe, i mean since no electricity ala ba dung ibang tao kc before magtransfer ka from boat dun sa location mamimit muna kagad c caretaker not on the location tama ba ung intindi ko? Ibig sbihin ba ala ng ibang tao dun dun unless yung taong magaavail ng place?

    1. yep tama,. pero may bahay din dun may family na nakatira pero d ko alam kung nagsstay sila till night pero tingin ko naman oo – as for the overnight tingin ko naman safe dahil yung mga friends kong nag overnight buo ko pa rin na nakakasama hanggang ngayon 😀

  6. nice place but the caretaker (Gemma) is so rude and not very accomodating kulang sa training on how to treat their guests, dami nga daw reklamo sabi ng mga boatmen and 1liter of mineral water is 45 not 35 yung pangbanlaw na fresh water is 50 per balde. been there last friday night (may 10)

    1. nagmahal na pala ? thanks for the info, anyway as for the caretake yeah mejo masungit nga sya pero keri lang at hindi naman sya ang pinunta ko dun kaya di ko rin sya pinansin haha! just enjoy 🙂

  7. Would you know kung may oras ung mga bangka sa paghahatid? For example, gang 3pm lang sila. Or naghahatid ba sila, even hightide?

    1. i left the caretaker’s contact number, kung may gusto pa siguro kayong malaman aside from the informations stated on the post, message nyo nalang po ung caretaker for the first hand info’s din po 🙂

  8. two of my friends and i are going there for an overnight beach camping on saturday 04/27/2013. see you when i see you.

  9. may pede po bang pagparking ng sasakyan just incase may sasakyan kaming dala? atska pede bang magdala kami ng sariling tent?

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